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Information on electronic payments

If payment is made in euro the corresponding currency sum converted into ruble according to the current rate of the Central Bank RF is transferred into the ChronoPay system. Then the sum in rubles is transferred into the bank-emitter of a card used for payment. In its turn, the bank-emitter uses the converting course of the ruble sum in the currency of payment chosen by the user.

Аtomexpo is not responsible for discrepancy of the currency price specified on the site to the currency sum of a bank card issue, arising due to the difference of the courses used for converting in the ChronoPay system and the bank-emitter of a card.

Payment by bank card is made through readdressing of electronic payments onto the site of the Chronopay system. In the Chronopay system safety of payments is provided through the SSL protocol used for transfer of the confidential information from the client to the server of the Chronopay system for further processing. The further information is transferred through closed bank networks with high degree of protection. Gathering and processing of the received confidential data of the client (card requisites, registration data etc.) is made in the processing centre, instead of the Atomexpo site. Thus, the site «International Forum АТОМEXPO 2018» cannot obtain personal and bank data of the client, including the information on its purchases made in other shops.

Making payment through the Chronopay system the owner of the card automatically receives the e-mail notice on withdrawal of the sum of money from the bank card account. It is recommended to keep the notice confirming the transaction.

Conditions and schedule of compensation/return of money resources are specified in the Application form for participation. If in the process of mutual exchanges between the Buyer and the Atomexpo Company there is a necessity of full or partial money return to the Buyer this return is carried out in the same way and the same form in which payment is received by the Company.

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